Songs for the Circle

by Elisa S. Keeler

We're all in this together All as one All in this - together
Alleluia Sing Alto: We've come to sing alleluia, we've come to sing Soprano: Lift up your voice, lift up your voice and sing Baritone: Lift up your voice and sing
Floating 02:41
Floating, we're floating... Floating home
Freedom 01:31
Whoa, oh freedom, whoa oh freedom We must walk, take a stand, hand in hand, we must demand
Observe all the roses in your life Breathe it in Stand in the garden of your heart Breath it in We are the opening buds (echo) We are the rain that falls (echo) We are the sunlight above (echo) We are connected to all (echo)
We see your courage We see your strength and We're grateful Each and every day You are the lantern In the darkest night May our love Fuel your light
How do we keep on singing When the world is such a mess? How do we keep on living well When our minds just cannot rest? Keep breathing strong And sing along Embrace each day We'll find a way
I release all that does not serve I arise to my true self Release, make room, arise I accept my humanity I greet my divinity
Light Chant 02:44
Light surrounds me Light above me Light within me Shining through me
Madre Tierra 02:01
Oh Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) Please heal us, Won't you heal us?
Part I: Bright mornin' glory We rise from the quarry And then sing a glorious song Up through the soil We're free from the toil Renewed by the sparkle of dawn Part II: We will rise up in song Part III: Rise morning glory Rise up in song
Only Love 01:38
Only love can heal the wounded Only love reveals the light At the center of all beings Only love, only love Love transforms Only love
Opening 01:55
Replenish 03:04
Drink in the healing waters Bathe in the pure sunlight (2x) Replenish your body, replenish your soul Breathe in light and be made whole Drink in the healing waters Bathe in the pure sunlight
Part I: Oh when I wake up in the mornin' I see the sunlight of the east I see it glisten in the puddles I feel it washin' over me Part II: Sunlight washin' over me (3x) I will rise
Surrender 01:59
Surrender to the path of your soul It knows the way
Turn toward the light of your soul All is healed, all is health, all is whole Bright light shines
A section: Part I: doom... Part doom doom ba doom Part III: ba do day day (3x) ba-ya-do-day B section: wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa ho (4x)
Verse 1: We'll get through this Oh yes we will... Verse 2: The rain pours upon us Oh yes it does... Verse 3: The sun will shine Oh yes it will... Verse 4: We'll bloom like the flowers Oh yes we will... Verse 5: We'll get through this Oh yes we will...
We Are Here 03:29
We are here - arms like branches We are here - wind is song We are here - roots connected We are here - the tree is strong We are here...
Thank You 01:47
Thank you for coming here Thank you for singing these songs Thank you for being here Thank you for singing along


This collection of songs was created as an expression of love for all of humanity. The messages serve as mantras, words to live by, and reminders that direct us to a source of lasting nourishment. The songs were written with the intention of fostering connection between people during one of the most isolating experiences of our lifetime. They emerged as a silver lining during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much on pause, I embraced the stillness, the uncertainty and the unknown. From that place, these songs were born.


released June 7, 2021

Elisa S. Keeler - Vocalist & Composer
Nate Richardson - Recording engineer
Travis Knapp - Bass vocal on track #15
Stefan Myers - Cover design
Jeff Foote - Photography

A Special Thank You To:
Ellen Bacon, Karin Edsall, Sudie Pollock, Marilyn Swingle, Elaine Cervantes and Community Arts Partnership, a branch of New York State Council on the Arts, for funding the creation of new music during the Covid-19 pandemic.


all rights reserved



Elisa S. Keeler Ithaca, New York

Elisa S. Keeler is a singer and composer from Ithaca NY. She is the founder of Freeing Your Voice program for adults and the Music for Unity and Social Change program for public schools. Elisa facilitates retreats at Light on the Hill Retreat Center. She lives with her family in Ithaca NY.
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